Dreamcatcher Farm


Join one of our groups!  We have informal groups that meet and hang out, and also more formal therapy sessions with a licensed psychotherapist.

Horses Healing Hearts
This formal program, facilitated by Laurie Rhines is for anybody needing help overcoming difficulties in life, whether it's PTSD, trauma, abuse, shyness, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, or many other concerns. 

NO horse experience is necessary.
Private sessions and Couples sessions are also available.

Informal "I am Herd"
On the worst of days, when you are stressed, upset, sad, feeling alone and misunderstood . . .
it all seems better with a soft muzzle and fuzzy ears.  We affectionately call this "Pony Therapy".  Horses have an innate ability to look into your eyes - into your soul - and see the real person inside; their trust and acceptance smooths out the day's rough edges.  When we come together, we realize that we are not alone. Despite our differences, we can help each other be stronger.  Horses do not see body size or skin color; they don't care what brand of clothes you wear or if your hair is messy; they see the tru person that you are inside. They see what we all should see.   Join us and be proud to say "I am HERD! " (
Helping Everyone Respect Differences)

Groups are starting soon!  Gather, chat, make friends, have fun, build confidence and self-esteem, and bond through the beauty of the horse. Be heard and be part of the herd. No horse experience necessary. 

EVERYONE is welcome! 
Please contact me for more information!

   "My horse's feet are as swift as rolling thunder
   He carries me away from all my fears
   And when the world threatens to fall asunder
   His mane is there to wipe away my tears."

                           ~ Bonnie Lewis