2017 Lesson Prices:  $45 per hour, Private Lesson

                               $30 per hour, Group Lesson

​Trail Rides (available to riders at appropriate skill level): $30

All riders must wear a helmet and appropriate footwear.

Riders (or guardian if rider is under 18) must sign a release form.


Horseback riding lessons at Dreamcatcher Farm is much more than making a horse go.  It is about finding that uncomparable human-equine bond that gets in your blood and your heart for life.  Lessons will consist of (among many other things) safety around horses, brushing and tacking up the horse, general horse care, hoof care, and of course riding!

Horseback riding lessons obviously teach the student to sit on and control the horse.  Not so obvious, are so many other benefits!  For example: responsibility, patience, empathy, empowerment, confidence, self-esteem, balance, flexibility, strength, determination....   What could be better than developing these traits with the beauty of the horse at your side?

While some riding stables focus on being the best in the ring to please the judges, at Dreamcatcher Farm, we focus being the best that YOU can be and finding happiness within yourself as you reach your equestrian milestones. 


 Dreamcatcher Farm

"No hour of life is wasted

that is spent in the saddle."
                                         - Winston Churchill